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Contents of the seminar

"There is no greater power and no compass more accurate than that which lies within."


We will sail in the Aegean Sea under the vastness of the blue Greek sky on a catamaran. Living on the water for 10 days!


In a time of global change, unprecedented in its intensity, we are experiencing how old certainties are breaking away and familiar reliabilities no longer carry us. 

Almost daily we are faced with new unforeseen challenges


How can we learn to navigate creatively and flexibly through these turbulent times without losing sight of our goal in life? 

Where, if not on a sailboat, can we learn these new skills

Always changing with the tides of wind and waves, we focus our attention on the present moment while still keeping our eyes on the horizon. 


When we are not sailing, we anchor on small deserted beaches

Here in the shade of the pine trees we will have time for meditations, 

Gaia Touch exercises and will learn to experience our heart space as the place that gifts us with all the qualities we desperately need for ourselves personally and for the transformation of our Earth: compassion, gratitude, appreciation, joy and love.


When we are connected to our heart, we come into a natural contact with our very being, our Higher Self. 

Through exercises and meditations we will learn to deepen and strengthen this new being, so that we can follow our call from this source, our life purpose.

Thus, we become the co-creator of a new heart-consciousness field of the New Earth


This 10-day soul journey is also a time out, where we can experience moments of fulfillment, deep joy and connection together.


Surrounded by pristine landscapes, we swim in crystal clear waters of secluded bays, take easy hikes through flowering meadows and are allowed to enjoy Greek hospitality in small harbor villages.

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Would you like to be part of this journey?

Then contact us for more information. Together we will create your individual travel plan:

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