Poetry of Transformation
- Women's Retreat -


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A unique workshop for women

in Malta 

We live in a time of unprecedented global change.

Together, we stand on the threshold of a new future.

The workshop

We live in a time of unprecedented global change. Together we stand on the threshold of a new future.

Us women have a unique and precious mission in this time of transition.

How can we experience this time as a process of rebirth in which we experience death and collapse as stages of passage?

What we experience today as humanity was consciously initiated in the old mystery schools: students were led into unknown, existentially threatening situations. In the abandonment and darkness of temples or cave chambers they came into contact with their greatest fear. In the moment of apparent total dissolution, only complete surrender remained for them. In that moment everything was revealed to them: the wisdom of life and death.

They realized that the poetry of transformation is life itself!

When they returned, they experienced their lives with newfound inner strength, wisdom and grace. 

A new bond had been formed with all those who had also gone through this process.


Malta is one of the oldest places of initiation in Europe! The Maltese temple culture embodies all the knowledge of birth and death.

A special time is the equinox in whose alignment even a temple was built. We will visit this temple together.


This women's retreat is for all women who want to go on a journey together as courageous and curious explorers.


The latest scientific research tells us that the universe is a sentient being, interwoven with everything and supporting us in our global process of change in a miraculous and loving way.

During our 4 days together we will go on an exploratory journey through our own process of transformation.

We will travel into new and unfamiliar territories, breathe, move and dance through our inner bodies and feel our new aliveness in every cell!

I will combine the essence of my 15+ years of experience in trauma healing with meditations, Gaia-Touch body exercises and the embodiment technique called Non-Linear Movement Method (NLMM).


From this we will then ask ourselves the questions:

How can we create the New Future together? 

How can we bring the experiences and newly gained strengths of the passage into the shaping of the new

tomorrow, and thus together create a world that is marked

by connectedness, compassion, peace and understanding?

It is precisely in this time of greatest uncertainty that we can discover our very own deepest inner truth. It leads us to our true purpose, our life's mission. If I awaken the powerful creator in me, I can become the co-creator of the New Future!

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Seminar location

Experience 3 1/1 days on the unique Mediterranean island Malta and enjoy the late summer. More information about Malta and its extraordinary temple culture can be found here 


Seminar times

23. - 26. September 2022 in Malta 


Seminar costs

Prices may vary depending on  personal booking package.

Non-linear movement method

For the first time in this retreat, I will introduce you to the elements of the Non-Linear-Movement-Method!

I completed my certification as a teacher for NLMM this May and I am overjoyed to be able to share this unique embodiment technique with you!

For me, NLMM is full of depth and lightness, it is both powerful and delicate, exploring and preserving, opening and holding, protecting and expanding, healing and strengthening.


Seminar leader


Seminar leader


For over 20 years a trauma healer, I have been guiding people through their transformational processes. I lived in Malta for three years and it is one of the most important places in my life!

Always exploring and learning along my journey, I combine various embodiment techniques with healing methods.

Certified teacher of Non-Linear Movement Method (NLMM).

I am enthusiastic about the findings of quantum research (workshops of Jean Houston etc), which increasingly feed into my work.

Embody the new transformation & find your life's purpose in these unique times!